That Purple Glow

The Purple Glow

I had a sick husband at home. It was the first time in months I had found myself out of our normal carpool routine.  The freedom of a few moments alone that allowed contemplation and bad bad karaoke. After making a quick stop at a new local market with a butcher shop, I was quite excited and proud to have a few new cuts of meat and great recipe dreams for our future.

I found myself feeling pretty high on life as I navigated my way home. I had recently received a great review and a raise at work, my career goals have become more focused, and as a couple we were making progress towards other goals to support our plan for 2016.

Thanks to Siri, who has become my favorite co-pilot, I took a new way home. As I turned down a different street I found myself completely in awe of the beauty before me. Surrounded by the evenings darkness, I was presented with the gorgeous purple glow of the rides of Knotts Berry Farm. From a distance the theme parks’ neon lights lit up the night sky, and gave a glow to the entire area. Driving closer I relived wonderful memories from visits with family and friends.

When a traffic signal stopped my progress directly in front of theme park I had a moment of clarity. From this angle I could see the bolts of the metal ride structures, the peeling paint on buildings, the worn turnstiles at the back gate. It was a sobering moment. Up close and personal, the purple glow illuminated the flaws of a man made place.

The juxtaposition of just a few short moments led me to wonder about my own glow. As a child of God, we are instructed to let our light shine. What color was my light, and does it focus on my human flaws or the goodness that lives in my heart as His beloved child? When we become laser focused on our own goals and achievements, we stop maintaining relationship with our Lord. Its a fiercely human flaw, a flaw that hits me at my core.

The reality is, like the amazing men and women who created the rides that give thousands of people a day a screaming good time, my talents were provided by my creator. The moment I stop striving to know and understand his path for my life,  my humanness takes over. Sin creeps in, and starts to woo me to focus on areas that are not important, sacrificing the maintenance of my soul.

The Bible says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” in Jeremiah 29:11.  This comforts me, knowing that I can trust his plan for my life. That if I focus on a relationship with my savior, He is faithful and will guide me to a place where my light can shine brightly for his glory, flaws and all.


  1. Puffin says:

    Brianna, love love the new blog page, tag line is so perfect! Appreciate your gentle words of reminder and challenge, it is all about our focus!

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