What he wants you to know…March 2016 Edition


Have you ever wanted points of interest for conversations on a date night with your husband or boyfriend? Do you every wonder what his brain in all of its manly glory is thinking? Are you wishing for connection and intimacy. These thoughts were contributed by my  favorite man and husband Ryan Schaaf. Some of these offer a more personal look to our relationship, others could solve many a marital turmoil. I believe each of them could be used as examples for opportunities to find relationship with that man of yours. 

  1. You are better at finding things than I am. Sometimes superiority is both a blessing and a burden. So just embrace it all.
  2. You need to learn how to switch input modes on the TV. I have taught you, many times, but it has always been a sort of exercise that is not unlike trying to spoon-feed strained peas to a toddler.
  3. The stovetop is very difficult to clean. When you stir the mashed potatoes, pretend that the house will catch fire if you spill any of it. Also, I may or may not set the house on fire instead of cleaning up.
  4. You shouldn’t get mad at me for “obsessing with my phone” while I am writing something for your blog.
  5. I will never ridicule you for laughing at jokes that you’ve already heard me tell a thousands times before.
  6. F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E. That is how you spell favorite. (I do think it is unfortunate that every synonym for that word is so impractical for context.)
  7. I’d go to the movies more often if you didn’t insist on me staying awake.
  8. Even though I complain about it, I’m sometimes glad that you don’t spool the toilet paper because you do it wrong.
  9. Those moments where you fuss over me when I have nothing to offer you besides abject dependence are among my fondest memories of us.
  10. Please, for the love of all that is holy, pick something to eat. When you shoot down my first and second suggestions, I’m not making any others.

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